Saat Uchakke

This was a first feature film attempt. Assisting a senior, Vikram Singh from film school, I and Amit were the set dressers. Apart from being the on-set dressers we were heavily involved in the designing and sourcing for the production design from the beginning since we were a small team. Shot majorly in the raw […]


Laila is a playback film of the song by the same name from the yesteryear’s hindi film Qurbani (1980). Directed by Heer Ganjwala and shot by Arun Pandey, the art direction was done by Vipin Kamboj. Keeping the rawness required for the look and feel of the visual concept in this film, the costumes were […]


While assisting in a senior’s project in production design, costumes for this film called Shabda was designed. The story involves three distinctive families; from Assam, Bengal and Bihar, having to face each other in the midst of the Assam riots. Being the Costume designer and Costume A.D. required me to work closely with the actors […]