Mirzya, directed by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra and written by Gulzar, was my second feature film as an assistant to Production Designer Sumit Basu, of Acropolis. We had done extensive research and prep for this film to make it a piece of art and not just a film. The visual treat that Mirzya is wouldn’t be […]


This short film was my final project of Production Design in film school. Written and directed by Abhilash Vijayan, this 10 minute film was shot by Sahil Bhardwaj, edited by Navneet Shukla and sound was recorded and designed by Roopak Kalyani (all students of film school). Story: An adaptation of a South American story by […]

The Last Laugh

              This was a project done during film school as a Dramatic exercise. This was essentially a single shot or a long take, in black and white film. Called ‘The Last Laugh’, this 3min film was directed by Sujata Chowdhury, shot by Eeshit Narain, edited by Shekhar Tiwari and […]


This was a group project for the Production Design students. Five students in a group had to work together in this Location Design exercise. Our classmates in direction, cinematography, editing and sound design helped in to complete the film. This project required us to choose a location and convert it suitably for our script. The […]

Production Design Introduction

This was our very first workshop on Production Design for film in film school right after we had finished studying the fundamentals of film making and art direction in a common course. Malay Bhattacharya is an eminent Production Designer from Kolkata. In this workshop we were taught the aspects of visual perception, of composition and […]