Film Set Model

This was an assignment during film school, to plan how to build a set based on camera movements and shot division. I along with Eeshit Narain, student of Cinematography, planned on what the size and space of the set for our script should be. After making a plan and working out on the main property […]


This project was an assignment for stagecraft. The design was made for the epic Mahabharata. The stage dimensions are of the Prithvi Theatre.   The Storyline: This drama unfolds the political, social and economic state in the Mahabharata. The drama is cenetered around the game of dice played between the panadawas and kauravas. During the […]

Azaadi Express

This project was an assignment to design a single coach for a train exhibition. Azaadi Express – the Mobile Train Exhibition, celebrated 150 years of the 1857 war, 60 years of independence, and the birth centenary of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. The special train comprising 11 coaches, decked with material related to all major incidents in […]

Railway Platform Re-design

This project was an assignment in art school. Here a railway platform was re-designed. Since our art course was more directed towards advertising art, we were asked to pick a brand name and design the new platform promoting the brand. Shopper’s Stop is one of the leading retailers in India. Their corporate identity is popular […]