Furniture and interior designer Janhavi Kandarkar launched her own furniture company called Aamod.  Aamod meaning pleasure in Sanskrit, defines the furniture line perfectly for its combination of classic decorative carved wood and contemporary clean lines to make statement pleasurable pieces of wooden furniture and other interior […]

Wishes & Emanation

This was an exhibition by Samir Mondal, of watercolour paintings, in continuation of the 6X10 series but in a different city. Though the format of these painting were different than the former, the theme remained the same, that of ‘flowers’! The invite of the exhibition…     In continuation of the birth anniversary series, the […]


This was an exhibition by Samir Mondal, of 60 watercolour paintings, done in the 6”X10” format. These paintings on paper were done on the occasion of the 6oth birth anniversary of the painter himself. Since the moment was of joy and fulfilment the theme that flowed through the paintings was of ‘flowers’! The invite of […]

City Obscura

City Obscura foregrounds the works of three young photographers, Farah Gerda, Surya Mattu and Eeshit Narain, who have lived predominantly in urban spaces and have chosen to visually respond to its complexities. The show’s title alludes to the camera obscura, which was the earliest visual instrument for photographically oriented work, used to view the city […]

Tonic Media

Tonic Media is a global digital agency that executes the big idea across media, mobile and interactive. With change as a constant parameter in the digital industry, we are constantly tracking global trends and adapting it to benefit our clients and their Consumers. Tonic creates strategic BRAND conversations that interests stakeholders and deliver cutting edge solutions and results […]

Paint It Khakhi

An initiative by students of Sophia SCM, required them to come up with a campaign for an organisation. Their aim was to sensitise the Mumbai youth towards our Police force. The organisation was aptly named ‘PAINT IT KHAKHI’. Brief: Mumbai Police is taken for granted. One can hear our youth bad mouthing them and being […]

Prithvi Theatre Campaign

As an assignment for a full fledged advertising design campaign in our final year of art school, I chose to advertise a workshop by the Prithvi Theatre.   Subject:  A workshop organised by Prithvi Theatre – “Nonverbal Communication” Prithvi Theatre seek to be a catalyst for theatre. They were set up to promote and inspire […]