Exploring Production Design in films with assisting Production Designers in the Mumbai film industry after an academic course in Art Direction and Production Design and film-making from the FILM AND TELEVISION INSTITUTE OF INDIA, Pune.






Born to a painter I was brought up in Bombay under the umbrella of art. Naturally inclined to drawing and painting ever since childhood I knew I had to do something in the future that had to have something to do with it. In the last 2 years of school, we had an interesting subject called ‘Technical Drawing’ which was nothing but the basics of engineering drawing. Technical drawing had a huge impact over me and I couldn’t help but get more and more interested in the technical aspects of building things and three-dimensional objects. I took up learning Science nonetheless. Eventually I found a subject that could bridge between the technical aspect of building and art, which was Architecture. It possessed a blend between science and aesthetics. But when I finally chose to pursue a subject for studies, Art won me over. I discovered the love for design and the love to design. The various subjects of design turned out to be a fantastic world. In my academic course of art at Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Bombay, I specialised in Exhibition Display Design and Stagecraft. This subject had a lot of similarities with architecture. Building structures, though temporary and sometimes even sustainable, was very exciting. It was perfect. After graduating, a brief stint at assisting a senior production designer and then as a Visualiser in a digital media agency, I wanted to learn more about material and building. I had started getting way too comfortable in my job at the agency and started contemplating studying further. I was at an art gallery for an exhibition with mum and dad where I met a family friend, who also happened to be a professor of film editing at one of India’s leading film institutes. I mentioned randomly wanting to do a post graduation but that I hadn’t really zeroed in on a subject. He offered to add one, Art Direction and Production Design. The two and half years that I spent in Film and Television Institute of India, Pune proved to be a learning extravaganza of sorts: a common course of subjects of Film Direction, Cinematography, Film Editing, Sound Design, Acting and Art Direction. Learning things I was completely new to was really really exciting. Hands-on practical understanding of my specialised subject has made me an all round independent designer!



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