Window Display

Window displays had been part of a specialisation in art school. A friend’s own store gave Vipin Kamboj and me an opportunity to design for it. Stores: Eliperi and Tirumala are located in the suburbs of Mumbai. They deal with readymade garments and fabrics respectively.


Design approach is to bring out a festive and happy mood when a family gets together. We’re showing family and friends coming together for an occasion, of life, in general. Clothes worn by the mannequins would be bright, festive and warm coloured. A home like setting is shown with a couple near a dressing table and friends near the sofa with window backdrop, to recreate a living room.

Treatment: Front facade of arches with pillars is a cut-out with slight relief work of details like jali and pattis. This would require a metal framework with the relief cut-outs pasted on it. The background will be flat mostly with the props also as suggestive form relief. Actual props would include mirror with frame, wall mounted lamp, photo frames, hanging decorative trays.

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When it came to executing our design we came up with another option with a more feasible budget. Since the readymade garment store deals with ethnic garments with a festive appeal, this design was simpler and focused on the bright and bold garments with a backdrop with handmade gaudy gold flowers on a cooler black and white graphic design to match the black and white of the company logo.

Images of the finished window display:

ep jumbo


Design approach is to focus of the variety of materials where every piece is like an artwork. Hence the fabric is treated like a painting that’s framed.

Treatment: The frames hang from the ceiling overlapping each other like an installation. Each frame has a mix of different fabrics. Some plain fabric stretched out and some with big visible stitches and rope and fabric pieces put together. The background is as plain as possible so that the art works of fabric stand out. Mostly white the separation in between the two floors could have a typo/ tag line. Mannequins are placed only on the ground floor draped in fabric.

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