Diversion Ahead

da header

This 20 minute diploma film was directed by Rajula Shah and shot by Kumar Saurabh. The film at first revolves around a station master only to then reveal a film crew shooting his story; rather, a film within a film. The preparation work involved finding raw locations to shoot at and brainstorming about each and every character involved in the film.

In doing so we went deep into the minds of each character to create their space, in a real unreal look, which is one of the sequences. Four important characters in the film: Oinam- The D.O.P, Neeli- The Sound Designer, Saranga- The A.D., Samar- The Director.

The SPACES in the form of a room with a singular window:

da jumbo2





The film was majorly shot at Daundaj station, near Pune, Maharashtra. The vast landscape had a peculiar attractiveness which was captured in the film and one of the real locations was used as a miniature in the film.

ref pic

A miniature of the actual location of an abandoned control room that was used in the film:

da jumbo


Initially titled Diversion Ahead, the final project is titled Aisa Nahin Hua Tha Tahira (Jumbled Cans).

The film can be seen here: Aisa Nahin Hua Tha Tahira (Jumbled Cans)

Article: Signs Film Festival


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