This short film called Juju, is about a forgotten ghost popular in Bengali children tales. Juju was asleep for way too long, while the world evolved and so did the people. They were no longer afraid of the once horrifying devil. What would the monster do to scare now, because he was now afraid of what more could be scarier than him?

Costume design and make-up was done by me while assisting classmate Manasi Jage, who was the production designer for the film. Co-designed by Utpala Barve, the production involved accessorising a huge crowd of people apart from designing the look of Juju and Mc Dollar, a take on the symbol of consumerism.

The 10 minute film was directed by Sujata Chowdhury, shot by Krishna Soren, edited by Piyush Thakur and sound was designed by Hindole Chakraborty.

Production Stills:

juju jumbo copy


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