The Joyride

1. the joyride

As an assignment of use of a miniature set in film we were given a topic of fantasy. We came up with a story and planned on to make a set of miniature sets to shoot it on.

Concept Note: A child dreams about the fancies of his world- full of amusement games, toys, and rides, we come to realise that they’re not just plain rides but a world of chocolates and candies. As his bedside toy train takes him on a joy ride through his land transformed into chocolate it slowly leads him to another world… a world of princely tales that are still embedded in his mind from grandmother stories. This is a journey inside his head from his present world to a world he secretly admires, of castles and princes, with a sweet stream running through the entire space.

The story: A child cuddled in his bed falls asleep. A toy train on his bedside table moves about on its track. As the train is close enough the smoke from the chimney clouds up in front. A train cuts through the smoke and treads on into an amusement park. Various rides and games made up of chocolate and candy lure temptingly as the train goes past them. It leads to a boundary wall which is mystic and wide. A majestic decorative gate opens up for the train to lead into a fantasy abyss. A long and seemingly endless bridge makes way for the train to move ahead into this magical space. The bridge too constructed of chocolates and candies, leads to a mountainous hill of chocolate as a princely castle sits atop, materialising out of the fog. As the magical castle glistens and shines, the chocolate rooftops appear to melt slowly and temptingly down its chocolate body. The child smiles and licks his chocolate lined mouth.

Four of us, Vinay Vishwakarma, Vipin Kamboj, Janhavi Wadke and I, made the miniature sets using a wide variety of materials and shot it on 35mm film, with the help of fellow students of Cinematography, Krishna Soren, Ansarsha, Arun Pandey, Srikanth Kabothu and Anwar Shamshudeen. This exercise was mentored by Art Director Vinod Guruji and Cinematographer Ajit Bhatt.

Here are some photographs of the miniature sets.


7. the park

8. stall house

9. view through

10. train entering

11. trees

12. train on bridge

13. castle gates

14. castle


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