Production Design Introduction

This was our very first workshop on Production Design for film in film school right after we had finished studying the fundamentals of film making and art direction in a common course. Malay Bhattacharya is an eminent Production Designer from Kolkata. In this workshop we were taught the aspects of visual perception, of composition and colour scheme. How one could use false perspectives and other methods to create a specific look per frame for a film.

At the end of the workshop we applied these methods to use and devised on how to plan a set for a given script and with the help of a set of carpenters and painters erected a set in a studio space. The script was written by us, eleven students of Production Design and planned the shooting schedule. The set was made in two days and shot through two days, with the help of students of Cinematography. Through erecting a set in a studio space we learnt on how to plan on the art direction and production design. Sets of students in turn took charge of specific departments that goes into production design. After pre-construction work of prop listing, managing and collecting property, costume design and management, colour scheming, storyboarding etc, the set construction helped us learn how to deal with a specialised set of carpenters and painters. How to get your design through to them and get the set up done in a given period of time. Propping and setting was another important aspect after the construction work which required us to be on our toes constantly even during the shooting. We learnt that to keep each and every frame while shoot, look not only right aesthetically but also keeping continuity in mind. Continuity played a very important role to get the audience into believing our work, which we had learnt in our fundamental lessons of film making. Aesthetically right would mean to check on the lighting and balance in colour weight for the composition for a particular frame. To check how the costumes and makeup are falling in place and what effect are they creating during the filming of a particular shot. In short we learnt how to design the mise-en-scene for the film.

This workshop was a great learning experience. Here are some production stills taken during the filming.














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