This was a group project for the Production Design students. Five students in a group had to work together in this Location Design exercise. Our classmates in direction, cinematography, editing and sound design helped in to complete the film. This project required us to choose a location and convert it suitably for our script. The location which we chose was a dilapidated unused section from our campus. It was a narrow space between the front of a power generator building and the back of a sound studio. This section was so less frequented that years of dump had collected. That needed to be cleaned. According to our script we wanted to turn this location into the back exit of a small shopping mall, the ones that are mostly used by employees in that building. The story revolved around the unusual happenings with a Mc. Donald’s employee who was leaving from work.

The location included a section of the building which we turned to the mall, as a Mc. Donald’s employees only entrance. The remaining portion after the buildings had a passageway with the boundary wall on the other side. This passageway was used like a path towards the parking lot. A huge glow-sign ‘M’, the Mc. Donald’s logo, was placed above the building as it plays an important part in our story. A Crossword logo was also placed vertically on a protruding window, accompanied by a horizontal strip of the crossword illustrations painted directly onto the wall as the first floor of the mall. Other modifications: an existing door was covered to make an elevator door. A flight of stairs was covered to make a platform with railings. All the other existing doors were revamped.

So here’s a peek of how it looked before and after we modified it.



Some photographs of the location while construction and during production.

1 2 3 4



Stills from the completed film.

ld jumbo


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