Tonic Media

Tonic Media is a global digital agency that executes the big idea across media, mobile and interactive. With change as a constant parameter in the digital industry, we are constantly tracking global trends and adapting it to benefit our clients and their Consumers.

Tonic creates strategic BRAND conversations that interests stakeholders and deliver cutting edge solutions and results to their brand partners. From websites, mailers to viral ideas, the clients do swear by the prescriptive power of Tonic.

Along with the clients, Tonic Media have produced some of the most innovative and breakthrough, conceptual designs, content and campaigns in the digital medium that have by far exceeded expectations. With an approach that is highly collaborative and outcomes that are result of real conversations with the clients, at Tonic Media we loved discussing tough things over shots of coffee or tonic: clearly, like everything else, as one would like it!

Working as a Visualiser in Tonic, for almost a year, was not just an enriching and learning experience but an enjoyable one too. Here are some examples of the work done during my term.

tm jumbo roll2

tm jumbo roll1



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