Prithvi Theatre Campaign

As an assignment for a full fledged advertising design campaign in our final year of art school, I chose to advertise a workshop by the Prithvi Theatre.


Subject:  A workshop organised by Prithvi Theatre – “Nonverbal Communication”

Prithvi Theatre seek to be a catalyst for theatre. They were set up to promote and inspire the greatest possible professionalism in theatre, and continue to work with that objective in mind. Their aim is-

· To build a theatre to promote professional Hindi theatre primarily, with all technical facilities available

· Subsidising and promoting aspiring and deserving stage artists, technicians, researchers etc.

· Managing a theatre of international standards – hosting and conducting workshops

· Providing rehearsal and workshop spaces

· Creating a theatre resource centre and research library (under construction)

· Providing medical and educational assistance to theatre workers and their children


Brief:  Prithvi Theatre is hosting a workshop based on communication. How drama is a medium for communication of ideas. Theatre heavily depends on both kinds of communication-

1) Verbal: Dialogue, text, poetry, etc.

2) Non Verbal: Expressions, body language, sound effects, light effects, music, etc.

This workshop deals with a highly visual form of theatre where the entire performance is based solely on communicating in ways other than using words. Visual/physical/silent theatre consists of: mime, clown, puppetry, dance, music, acrobatics, applied martial arts, etc.

This workshop has three main workshops of mime, clown and puppetry. Other than these there are lectures with demonstrations on music, dance and puppetry.  A common thread being the art of expression without words the campaign focuses on the kinds of expressions we come across in our daily life that are understood by one and all. A common face is used portraying the expressions and body language to relate to the common world since the workshop is open for everyone.

pt jumbo roll


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