Paint It Khakhi

An initiative by students of Sophia SCM, required them to come up with a campaign for an organisation. Their aim was to sensitise the Mumbai youth towards our Police force. The organisation was aptly named ‘PAINT IT KHAKHI’.

Brief: Mumbai Police is taken for granted. One can hear our youth bad mouthing them and being disrespectful towards them. They believe that they are laid back and corrupt. PAINT IT KHAKHI is an organisation that makes these youngsters understand the real picture. Yes, there are loopholes but policing continues. The organisation aims to convert these cynics in to people who respect the police for what they’re doing and continue to do. Simple day to day examples that the youth can relate to are used by the PAINT IT KHAKHI team to inform police presence. Our police continue to work with limited resources and they surely do a good job. They work. They are surely doing something right to achieve this level of smooth functioning.

PAINT IT KHAKHI simple means that Mumbai is safe because it has the shadow of the police force everywhere. The organisation does not tell the youth that they are wrong but makes them think and reason their judgements about the police.













The Campaign of press ads:

Press ad 1 Press ad 2 Press ad 3 posters


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