Dhusar Pandulipi

Dhusar Pandulipi- The Faded Manuscript, is an exhibition of watercolour paintings by Samir Mondal. This thematic show was a contemplation of the poetry of Jibanananda Das.

An excerpt from what Nanak Ganguly, an independent art critic and curator based in Kolkata, has to say about the show:

“Culled from several sources of cultural practice, he eschews the act of subversion, as seen in these works done in watercolour on paper titled ‘Dhusar Pandulipi’ – The Faded Manuscript after Jibanananda’s celebrated book of poems. His pensive mind travels back to the nature of his childhood, the cultural space that surrounds it. The oral stories one hears. By doing so, he questions strategies used to construct the real world and demonstrates how it is easy to manipulate the rustle of language and accounts of one’s life. The images are drawn from the backyard of memories that constitute his readings and living. Samir’s lucid technique makes the completion of his large works a demanding task – a longing for one’s own roots speak of a stillness of mind, enviable in our frenetic world. In these works, he reveals the individual deviating not from his reality of being but delving deep into cracks and crevices of mind.

Samir has been mapping a vast terrain of visual experiences, moving from representation to abstraction. His works attain a surreal quality as in Jibanananda’s poems. He addresses the rhetoric and paints the encounter between the human body, desire, mirth and resemblance, juxtaposing man and environment as they grapple each other’s existence creating metaphors. Perhaps, this is the artist’s way of articulating reality up close in a different way of in face to face with fragment aspects of being. His palette is multicoloured, with brilliant colours flowing into one another.”


The Catalogue for the same was designed.


1cover 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14


The website homepage during the show was also re-designed.


15web home


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