Railway Platform Re-design

This project was an assignment in art school. Here a railway platform was re-designed. Since our art course was more directed towards advertising art, we were asked to pick a brand name and design the new platform promoting the brand.

Shopper’s Stop is one of the leading retailers in India. Their corporate identity is popular with their continuing use of black and white. The new platform design had to undoubtedly be the bold monochrome. The use of classic black granite makes a perfect material for the roughness of a railway platform, along with whitewashed walls went perfectly with the chosen colour scheme. The design has clean lines and a contemporary approach to achieve a commercial store like appearance, at the same time using right materials for the daily wear and tear needed for an exterior site. Key elements such as mannequins, clothes’ hangers, graphic patterns, etc were incorporated in the design. Apart from the elements the entire platform was sprawled with big bold photographic backlit prints like billboard signs.

Here are some photographs of the table top model for the platform design.

1.platform + railway track

14. view from exterior + parking area

2. view through roof

3. stall + enquiry counter

4. back secondary entry

5. ad

6. clothes' hangers railing

8. washroom

9. the platform

10. telephone booths

12. staircase to overbridge

13. name board


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